English Version – Intensiv Workshop mit Robert Gonzales

03.09.2014 - 05.09.2014

Lebensgarten Steyerberg

mit Robert Gonzales

Living in Compassion: The Embodied Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication
(English Version of Description)

A three-day, intermediate workshop with Robert Gonzales

Beyond the basic NVC communication process of expressing and receiving our observations, feelings, needs and requests, lies the heart and root of compassion for ourselves and others… a living practice Robert refers to as „Living Compassion.“

The focus of this workshop is to deepen the consciousness of compassion as a means to engage in a living practice of NVC everyday, moment to moment. You will be introduced to and practice processes that Robert Gonzales has developed to deepen more self-awareness, self-compassion and living compassion in relationships. These processes include:

· Deepening Awareness of the Beauty of Needs

· Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs

· Compassionately Embracing/Transforming Core Beliefs



At registration to 04.04.2014  – course-fee: 475 €
At registration to 04.07.2014  – course-fee: 525 €

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